2020 OSW Drift Tech & Rulebook


Once you pay and enter, you’re in. If your car breaks or doesnt pass tech, you will be given the opportunity and time to fix your car, but No refunds will be given.

Pit speed is 5mph. the OSW pits flow in a clockwise direction only.

Absolutely no burnouts,donuts or dangerous driving in the pits. this will be grounds for immediate ejection from the event.

Pit areas must be kept clean. There are tons of trash cans….. USE THEM!

All used tires must be taken with you. A tire changing service may be available at select events. All used tires must be taken with you, or disposed of (for a fee) by the tire changing company. If tires are left behind, we will no longer offer this convenience for you.

Drivers meetings are MANDATORY! If you have not made prior arrangements with Tommy, Ozzy, or Jennifer, you will not be allowed on track until the next meeting. There will be a minimum of 2 meetings per event. Pay attention to and respect the track workers and staff. If you have an issue, or see something unsafe or dangerous, please bring it to our attention immediately.

Here is a breakdown of the classes we use at OSW:

  • Beginner Solo: (Class D) - Drivers who have just started drifting and need practice and instructional ride-alongs. Instructional ride-alongs are provided only by A class drivers that OSW have approved.

  • Intermediate: (Class C) - Drivers who have proven themselves to have control of the car, drivers who can make mostly solid runs (spinning out on occasion).

  • Advanced: (Class B) - Drivers who have complete control of their car, drive the recommended line consistently, and very rarely make mistakes or spin. Also newly caged or caged drivers from other areas we need to evaluate for A class. (Paired Tandems only)

  • Tandem (Class A) - Drivers who have proven themselves not only to have control of the car, but also to have control of their car when multiple cars are on the track at the same time. This is the only class permitted to have a single passenger. Selected A class drivers will be permitted to tandem in uncaged cars on the Skidpad only. uncaged cars are not allowed to take passengers.

  • A note about classes: just because you have a cage, DOES NOT automatically put you in A class, or mean you’re able to tandem at our events. If you’re a new driver, or from out of town with a cage, we will put you in B (or C) class for a run group, so we can see you drive, and know that you’re not going to be endangering other drivers or yourself by running tandem. Please remember this isn’t a punishment, or a judgement. Honestly, we want to see EVERYONE running fully sick tandems with cages. we just need to know you’re up to it.

    ** OSW staff reserves the right to move a driver up or down in class as needed.**


    You will not be allowed on track until you have gone through tech. If you pull to the line without a check mark on your car, you will be asked to pull to the tech shed and will have to wait until an official has time to come tech your car. COME EARLY TO GET THROUGH TECH QUICKLY AND ONTO THE TRACK! DRIVER/SAFETY EQUIPMENT: NON-NEGOTIABLE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THESE ITEMS, YOU WILL NOT DRIVE.

    SA2015 or newer full faced helmet required. **DOT motorcycle helmets will NOT pass.** Open face helmets are ONLY allowed with 4-point harnesses, and NOT allowed with stock belts. this is what an SA approval seal looks like. it will be inside the helmet, under the liner.

    Long pants, closed toe shoes and shirts required.

    Fire extinguishers are mandatory for all cars. They must be securely mounted in a “quick release mount”, within reach of the driver while buckled in. These can be bought for less than $20. ENGINE -No fluid leaks -If your engine has rod knock/is on the verge of death, you will not be allowed on track. If the knock/death sentence comes during the event, you will be asked to stop driving. -If your engine has rod knock/is on the verge of death, you will not be allowed on track. If the knock/death sentence comes during the event, you will be asked to stop driving. WE DON’T WANT TO CLEAN UP OIL OFF THE TRACK!

    Coolant overflow tank is mandatory -Oil Catch can is mandatory *IF* you have modified your intake/PCV. A COMPLETELY stock engine with factory PCV/ oil recovery system intact will be allowed to run as-is.

    Gas cap must be present and sealed.

    If your car is turbocharged, and the turbo is on the same side as your brake booster/master cylinder, you must have an adequate metal heat shield in place. no painted metal or license plates, please.

    If you have fuel cell instead of a stock tank, it must be top port (no bottom sump drag style cells), and it must be completely separated from the passenger compartment of the car by a sealed metal firewall. *** THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE. NO FIREWALL, NO TECH PASS*** WIRING -All wiring should be insulated/covered/taped/NO COPPER SHOWING!

    Battery must be TIGHTLY SECURED! No floppy batteries! (no zip ties, ratchet straps, or bungees)

    Must have working headlights and taillights (night events)

    Positive battery terminal must be covered -If battery is in the passenger compartment, it must be in a sealed box. SUSPENSION/WHEELS/BRAKES

    Brakes must work (duh) and have adequate pedal pressure -Must have ALL LUG NUTS AND LUG STUDS!

    No excessive steering wheel/suspension play -welded/LSD/locking diff is HIGHLY recommended

    Functioning handbrake HIGHLY recommended SEATS/HARNESSES/INTERIOR -ALL LOOSE ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED FROM CAR. If it is not bolted down, it needs to be removed from your car before driving. -Seats must be securely mounted

    If harnesses are installed a harness bar must be installed. Harnesses MAY NOT be bolted directly to the floor. A strut tower bar is NOT a harness bar. if you need to know how to properly mount your harnesses, google it. there’s even pictures and stuff.

    Lap AND Shoulder belt MUST be used -Seat belts/Harnesses must be used at all times.

    Due to their design, we prefer stock belts with stock seats, and aftermarket harnesses with aftermarket seats. BODY/ GLASS

    Windshield must not have any cracks interfering with the drivers view. small cracks are up to the discretion of the Tech official, but the general rule is if it touches your window frame in two places, it will NOT pass tech.

    Tow straps are HIGHLY recommended. Factory tow hooks are accepted, but tow straps will be much safer for towing your car. It’s not our fault if you aero gets ripped off pulling you out of the weeds. -Hood and trunk must be securely latched with OEM latches or pins. -Please secure your aero appropriately, or just take it off. We don’t want to have to go get your bumper or side skirt after every run. Roll Cage

    All roll cages will be thoroughly inspected.

    All Convertibles must have a 4-point Roll Bar. Miata 2 point “style bars” do not qualify.

    Minimum 6 point roll cage with harness and door bars is required for tandem on the oval.

    Roll cage must have x or double horizontal bars on both front doors for tandem -98% of Bolt in rollcages (basic Cusco, godspeed, ebay,etc) are NOT allowed for tandem driving. the ONLY exceptions are Safety 21 or Autopower, if installed correctly, and modified for double door bars. if door bars are removable and not fully welded in, they must be slip joint style, not flanged.

    Bolt in cages must be double plated at all chassis mounting points, and use proper grade 8 or above rated hardware. All roll cages will be thoroughly inspected, especially bolt ins. -Roll cage padding is recommended anywhere the drivers head can impact the cage. These rules are here to keep everyone safe, and make sure our insurance company lets us keep doing events. If you have a question, feel free to contact us. The best way to get to us is through our facebook page (Facebook.com/OSWdrifting.) The FB is checked non stop. Have fun, leave your complaining at home AND COME SHRED!


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